Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

Unity is a way of life that takes us on a spiritual adventure to the very source of our being. It calls us to understand our spiritual nature, our true relationship with God, and to live from that awareness.

As we walk this sacred path, we hold these principles as our Truth:

• The one consistent, dominant presence and power in the Universe is God–Universal Spirit, Divine Mind, Creator, and Source of all. This Source –God–is the Principle of Good expressed in all creation as order, harmony, wholeness, love, and Life.
Humankind is the highest expression of this divine Source/Creative energy, thus the essence of each person is spiritual. This Spirit, individualized in each one of us, expresses according to our conscious awareness and desire to live in alignment with our divine nature.
• Jesus is one who brought into full expression His Spiritual Self, which we know as the Christ–the spiritual essence that embodies the spirit of God within each person.
• As expressions of God, we have the same spiritual capacity and potential for expressing our divine nature as Jesus did.
• Humankind been given the power to fulfill its divine destiny through creative thought. According to spiritual law, whatever we hold in consciousness and believe to be true expresses in our lives.
• Fulfilling our divine potential requires a conscious awareness, willingness, and commitment to follow the Christ within–to put into action the Spirit and principle of Love exemplified by Jesus.
• It is through the regular practice of prayer and meditation that we receive intuitive guidance and divine revelation from the Christ Spirit within.
• Our purpose in life is to create heaven on earth, that is, to actualize our own divine potential, and live in peace and harmony with all creation.
• Life is eternal. This physical experience is but one phase of the soul’s journey in an ever-expanding awareness of its own sacred purpose in the whole expression of God.


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