Unity Christ Church St. Louis

NAME OF CHURCH:   Unity Christ Church

33 N. Skinker Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63105

(314) 727-6478




THE SIZE OF THE MINISTRY:  Mailing List:  Approximately 200

Average Sunday Attendance:  30 to 40

Formal Membership: 78


POINT OF CONTACT: Judy Lindow, Office Manager

Juankee McKinney, President, Board of Trustees/Search Committee

Lawrence Johnson, Treasurer/Search Committee

Carolyn Perry, Board Member/Search Committee

Jackie Dohm, Search Committee

Kathy Mandel, Search Committee

Judy Townsend, Search Committee


CHURCH INFORMATION:       Unity Christ Church is a sacred place for fostering spiritual awareness, facilitating spiritual growth, and for being an expression of God’s love and peace in our community and the world. The goal of our Spiritual Community is to awaken souls and transform the lives of those who seek health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind.

The church building sits on the corner, in a very diverse area across the street on one side from Washington University and on another side from Forest Park. It is minutes away from the Central West End and downtown St. Louis. The city of Clayton and University City are the bordering cities. We are diverse in terms of racial, educational, and socio-economic a background, which adds to the overall uniqueness and diversity in our approach. We have had a number of ministers and congregants who have played a significant role in the Unity Movement.

Our ideal minister will possess the knowledge, skills, and communication abilities needed to create, build, and foster a diverse and authentic spiritual community. He/she should embody and live the teachings of Jesus Christ, as interpreted by Unity School of Christianity and must be a Licensed or Ordained Unity Minister. He/she should be comfortable speaking to large and small groups and be able to display a sense of compassion that fosters and creates a warm and inviting environment. Our new minister will have the ability to work collaboratively with the Board of Trustees as well as empower the staff and volunteers to perform at their maximum potential.

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