Service Areas

This team develops effective marketing strategies and practices including professional, responsive communication practices (including the newsletter). This will be a board-appointed team who will initially work directly with Paul Bellows (consultant).
Team Lead/Team Members:
  1. Ed Williams                                   
a) Membership enrollment
b) Membership support (prayer, connection, fellowship, resources)
This team facilitates fellowship among our members by establishing and encouraging on-line and in-person networking, and supports a vibrant, growing membership. (Specific ideas might include quarterly phone calls to membership – just “checking in,” and, when needed, to solicit specific feedback for the board. And, possibly, making recruitment/informational presentations at regional and sub-regional meetings.)
Team Lead/Team Members:
1. Board Liaison – Michael Jamison
This team facilitates the recruitment of mentors with specific & general expertise (perhaps tapping into the retired ministers who have time and wisdom to share) and an on-line system of connecting those desiring services with an appropriate mentor. In addition to one-on-one, this could also include the creation of “mentoring circles.”
Team Lead/Team Members
  1. Martha Mosley                         
  2. Margo Ford                               
  3. Board Liaison  –  Larry Swartz
This team supports the professional growth and ministerial skills of IAMU members (and other interested ministers) through ongoing educational opportunities, including:
• providing web resources with links to sermon and class materials,
• determining topic areas and coordinating development of IAMU special training programs (e.g.,  professional employment training for ministers and spiritual leaders, training in best interviewing and hiring practices for church boards, “So You Want to Become a Minister” workshops).
• suggesting educational programs to be offered at the IAMU annual conferences


  1. Anna Shouse                            
  2. Margo Ford                               
  3. Board Liaison – Marge Dale    
This team will develop, coordinate, and facilitate the annual IAMU conference to include inspirational and educational activities that serve the needs of our members as well as fulfilling the requirements for the annual business meeting.

Team Lead/Team Members:

  1. Ginny Roll                                 
  2. Denise Creech                          
The established Credentialing Team will continue to research and develop a comprehensive plan for paths to ordination for future implementation, should the need arise. Such a plan would include various paths to Unity ordination such as ordinations for those ordained in another faith who are serving Unity ministries, a path for individuals who are not ordained and are serving in positions of spiritual leadership, and a path for others seeking Unity ordination. Specifically – this would include:
a) A Credentialing Sub-Team identifying the core principles/subjects that a candidate must be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of in order to qualify for ordination, i.e., Unity principles, Unity History, Administrative knowledge and ability, Communication Skills, an understanding and ability to teach Metaphysics, and the ability to demonstrate Ministerial Consciousness.
b) A Curriculum Sub-Team researching existing educational programs that offer Unity curriculum, and determining which programs meet the established IAMU criteria for ordination. (This could include determining if these groups are willing to work with us to fulfill IAMU requirements.)
The Curriculum and Credentialing teams would work together to assure quality standards are met, including:
• Developing written tests to cover requirements identified for ordination;
• Identifying which courses will need to be developed that are not available from other sources;
• Identifying which courses are suitable for on-line learning, and who will teach the courses and where.
The IAMU board will establish L&O teams to meet with candidates at appropriate times and places.

Team Lead/Team Members:

Credentialing / Ordination

  1. Martha Mosley                         
  2. Julie Johnson                            
  3. Margo Ford                               
  4. Terry Lund                                
  5. Board Liaison – 
 7. Retired Ministers Team
The mission of the Retired Ministers Team is to have a program in which retired ministers can have an active role in sharing their knowledge and experiences with those still in active ministry.
Core Values of this team are:
1. Wisdom
2. Integrity
3. Authenticity
1. Lessons from ministry
2. Retirement preparation
3. Talk preparation
Team Members
  1. Board Liaison – Ed Williams
  2. Linda Pezzuiti



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