1. International New Thought Alliance (INTA) – www.
    Sermon Supplements by David Seibert –
    Institute of Noetic Sciences  (IONS) –
    Silent Unity –
    Daily Word –
    Unity Book Store –

Did You Know? Church supplies are available at wholesale prices from the vendors shown below.   You may need to order through your bookstore using your resale number.  You will want to check the requirements for wholesale purchases with each vendor.  Some supplies such as bulletin covers require a minimum order, which may be more than you need for one Sunday; however, you can order several different covers and rotate them throughout the year.  You can get a catalog or go online to view the available selections and choose those that meet your needs.

  1. Bulletins:
    • Anchor Wallace Publishers, Sleepy Eye, MN 800-533-3570
    • Hermitage Art Co, Chicago, IL 800-621-7992
    • Church Supply Warehouse, Chicago, IL 866-757-5195
  1. Candles
    • EmKay Candles – Unity of Tucson offers wholesale prices plus $10 handling fee. They will be dropped shipped and postage will be added.
    • Church Supply Warehouse – 100 Piece Candlelight Service Item#3092490 $26.45 plus shipping
  1. Children/Youth Ed
    • YOUTH ED / SUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAMS:• The Center for Progressive Christianity (soon to be PC)
  • Samaritan Institute Accredited University offers:
    • Bachelors, Masters,  and Doctoral degrees. No tuition, $45 per class.
    • Divine Science Ordination program offered through Samaritan Institute.
    • Leadership Academy, continuing education for ministers/spiritual workers.
    • Lectionary Webinar, Tuesday mornings with 3 Bible Scholars.
    • Sharing the Light YouTube series.For more information:
  1. Truth Unity


Do you have a source of materials you would like to share with your fellow ministers? Please send the information to


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