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As with the name “UNITY,” the purpose of “IAMU” is found in its name, the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity. We are an Alliance that is Independent of other alliances. We are Ministers. We are committed to the UNITY philosophy of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore.


Members of IAMU are Unity ministers allied together in mutual support of spiritual leaders serving Unity churches. Membership in IAMU is open to all spiritual leaders who have adopted the principle teachings of UNITY as their spiritual path and have served in a UNITY ministry. We are willing, open, and receptive to working alongside any likeminded organization willing to establish a dialogue and relationship with IAMU.


IAMU represents UNITY ministers by serving as a collective voice for IAMU members and other like-minded spiritual leaders in the UNITY movement. IAMU serves to support and empower spiritual leaders by effectively living and teaching the foundational UNITY way of positive living, as defined by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore.


IAMU has developed four service areas that will support UNITY ministers and leaders establish and expand thriving and inclusive ministries. These service areas help promote the UNITY way of life as a universal and unifying positive and progressive Truth.


As detailed in the IAMU informational brochure, these service areas include:


  • Membership/Communications – To support and sustain a vibrant membership, the IAMU is developing professional, responsive, and transparent organizational and communication practices. When called for, we provide a collective voice to share observations and concerns about policies and practices within the UNITY movement that we believe affect UNITY ministers and ministries. Additionally, we are developing effective marketing and strategic alliances with other UNITY organizations.
  • Resource Development – To support professional growth and enhance ministerial skills and knowledge, the IAMU is developing annual training conferences, web resources (including sermon & class materials, best practices in finances & administration, etc.) and mentoring opportunities.
  • Fellowship – To facilitate ministers meeting and supporting one another, the IAMU is developing on-line and in-person networking opportunities.
  • Employment – The IAMU developed a professional website bulletin board that will invite ministries to post available positions to facilitate placement for qualified IAMU ministers/spiritual leaders. The IAMU is developing a pool of minister and ministry training materials for ministry boards and IAMU members on best interviewing & hiring practices, contract negotiations, and effective church by-laws.
  • Ordination – Those spiritual leaders who meet the requirements for ordination set forth by the IAMU and make a recommendation to the Board regarding his / her qualifications for ordination. This path to ordination is open to those spiritual leaders who have served in a Unity church for a minimum of three consecutive years.



IAMU is open, receptive, and willing to continue exploring further areas of service that are called to our attention by way of feedback from spiritual leaders in the field to the IAMU Board. When problem areas are noted, a needs assessment will be developed to identify potential responses and resources.


IAMU serves joyously and harmoniously, with integrity and transparency, to promote and enhance the experience of living UNITY principles for all who accept them as their own.

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