IMG_2031The IAMU (Independent Alliance of Ministers and Leaders in Unity) is actively working on putting feet to possible services we can offer to our colleagues.  We would now offer to anyone (member of IAMU or not) a confidential mentoring opportunity.  What might this include?  Certainly a time of prayer.  Perhaps a sharing of thoughts around church/board related things and “opportunities,” or, just a time with someone who has an understanding heart and a listening ear.  What will not happen is #1) no written record of the call would be kept anywhere; #2) no sharing of what was discussed with anyone, anywhere.


The coordinator of the mentoring program is Larry Swartz and he can be reached at 520.577.3300 or  He will forward your name and contact information to one of the IAMU mentors to determine the best time to initiate discussions with you. Know that all our mentors have been a senior minister with many years field experience. All conversations with our mentors are strictly confidential, with the exception of subject areas that are reportable by State Statutes.

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