Advisory Council

Lake Bridge

Advisor Council Members Contact Information

Eleanor Fleming
Teaching; Ph.d is in energy medicine

Rob Hammock
I served as the financial director for Unity Church of Clearwater for better than 20 years; includes procuring the Church’s 501(c)3, taught Unity classes, layout and design publications.

Leddy Hammock
Unity author, speaker, editor, with some forty years in Unity Field Ministry, holds B.A. in English, M.A. in Theological Letters, Dr. of Ministry from Meadville-Lombard Theological School.

Warren Potter
Communications with UWH & UWM

Roy Rackley

Ginny Roll

Randy Schmelig

Beth Ann Suggs  Revbas@Sbcglobal.Net
Trained others on how to develop soft skills (coaching skills; leadership training to set meaningful goals; how to empower others during challenging times rather than problem solve challenges; Team building and leading groups

Larry Swartz
Organizer, leader, communications

Sonja Thompson
Chaplain Operations Officer- responsible for plans, programs, policies and training for all chaplains in Europe

Rob Wheeler

Dian Williams
Organizer, lesson plans, teacher, team leader

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