Advisory Council

Lake Bridge

Advisor Council Members Contact Information

Eleanor Fleming
Teaching; Ph.d is in energy medicine

Rob Hammock
I served as the financial director for Unity Church of Clearwater for better than 20 years; includes procuring the Church’s 501(c)3, taught Unity classes, layout and design publications.

Warren Potter
Communications with UWH & UWM

Roy Rackley

Ginny Roll

Randy Schmelig

Beth Ann Suggs  Revbas@Sbcglobal.Net
Trained others on how to develop soft skills (coaching skills; leadership training to set meaningful goals; how to empower others during challenging times rather than problem solve challenges; Team building and leading groups

Larry Swartz
Organizer, leader, communications

Sonja Thompson
Chaplain Operations Officer- responsible for plans, programs, policies and training for all chaplains in Europe

Rob Wheeler

Dian Williams
Organizer, lesson plans, teacher, team leader

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