About Us

The Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity (IAMU) is an inclusive, affirming and welcoming alliance open to all active and retired ordained and/or licensed Unity* ministers, as well as ministers ordained by other religious organizations who have adopted Unity as their primary spiritual path and are currently serving in a Unity ministry, who believe themselves to be in accord with the stated purpose of IAMU.

(*Unity referring to ministers trained in the teachings of Jesus Christ as discerned and interpreted within the Unity movement founded by Charles & Myrtle Fillmore.)

IAMU began with a meeting of Unity ministers in March of 2009 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The group met to discuss growing concerns about the needs of Unity ministers. The specific needs discussed were how to support ministers in fulfilling their duties as spiritual leaders and administrators and how to support them in times of difficulty. Other concerns addressed were the effects of a flawed Credentialed Leaders& Ministries Review System (CLMRS) on ministers and ministries and the need to insure that the principles of Unity continue to be taught in Unity’s educational programs.

All those present in Virginia Beach and others who were unable to be present supported the forming of an organization to provide support for Unity ministers and leaders and to address the above issues.

Subsequently, the Independent Alliance of Ministers in Unity was incorporated in the State of Texas as a non-profit organization. At a meeting in Austin, Texas in October 2009, members were received into membership, By-Laws were adopted and a Board of Trustees was elected to serve the organization. The stated purpose of the IAMU was and is primarily to provide support for its members through programs and services that specifically address ministerial needs, to keep its members informed of activities that may affect their ministries, and to provide a channel for their voices to be heard in the Unity movement.

As a relatively new organization, we are still in a discovery mode, i.e., discovering the needs of ministers and developing ways to meet those needs. Our primary communication vehicle is the Internet and our website. As we build our website, more and more resources and services will become available to assist ministers in performing the duties of ministry.

The IAMU welcomes your input and feedback concerning our activities and/or any information regarding the Unity movement (e.g., Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Institute, Unity School) that would be useful to Unity ministers. Please feel free to contact us at iamu@cox.net.

There is a one-time suggested Membership Offering of $125 to join IAMU. All services and activities of IAMU are supported by free-will tithes, offerings and gifts. We have been awarded a 501c(3) status from the Federal Government and all donations are tax deductible.

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